Martina in Gloriana

"Thank you very much for these shoes. They are a work of art. I am so excited to wear them on my wedding day! The lace perfectly matches my dress, and the overall look is so dainty and classy. Thank you so so much!"

Ann in Letizia

"Thank you so much! I really love them! So comfy! Proud to be a True Story bride."

Elain in Empress

"Hi. I super love the shoes! Its soo comfy! I wore it all day and night. No need to change into flats. The design is superb. So gandaa the shoes!"

Lourdes in Empress

"I'm lucky to find a perfect wedding shoes. It was beautifully made and fit perfectly."

Dianne in Seraphina

"I looove the shoes! Wore it from ceremony to reception and never felt pain at all. Thank you!"

Greta in Gloriana

"I love my pair! So comfy that I was able to wear it the whole time!"

Kat in Empress

"It is so pretty! And sakto ang size sakin. Love it!"

Julia in Duchess

"Big thanks to your very comfy shoes! Really enjoyed my wedding day!"