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Our Story

The Brand

Our story began with the desire to create unique, beautiful, and thoughtfully designed pieces for today's women of style.

Each TRUE STORY piece is handmade with love by Filipino artisans in a generations old workshop in Manila - preserving the storied Filipino "Sapatero" (shoemaker) craftsmanship and tradition.

Our brand is faithful to our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion. We are kind to animals and kind to the planet. Each piece is made out of only the finest materials that are 100% cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Integrating refined craftsmanship, design, and innovation, our creations are unique and beautiful, yet durable and versatile.


The Evermore Collection is a celebration of love, fantasy, and romance.

We draw our inspiration from the bride of today and the allure of fairy tales. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and delicately handcrafted. So much love and hard work from the entire team goes in to creating each and every shoe.

The Evermore Collection is an artful balance between beauty and elegance. A true reflection of every bride-to-be‘s dream wedding shoes. Romantic, ethereal, and truly comfortable.